About Us

Our Philosophy

Perth’s Key has adopted an ethical approach to business for our customers and close business partners. We believe that the best quality products with competitive prices will earn our customers’ trust. We establish ourselves to be a “LOHAS” (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) group, to love the earth, to love ourselves and to love our families. We do our best to help our customers enrich their “LOHAS” with aromatherapy, and to keep the body beautiful with Native Orchid skin care and complete body care products.

Our Certificates


The Purest Skincare Products
Manufacturing the purest skincare products has always been the goal of Perth’s Key, as the fragrance of natural herbs comes with the essence of purity. We mix natural essence oil with our skincare goods to enablethe natural herb fragrances to rejuvenate us, and allow its essence to seep into the skin. This will bring our usually tensed body, mind, and soul into total relaxation.

Beauty Originates from the Soul
Perth’s Key deeply believes that beauty radiates from the soul. The objective of skincare should not be solely for the sake of appearance, nor does it only involve the superficial and basic steps of skincare. Instead, skincare should begin with the cleansing of the soul. We must know that even the skin feels pressure and stresseveryday, not only does our sensitive soul.Relieving of the mind and soul of stress and tension should be the first step to skincare. As the saying goes, what lies inside you will manifest on the outside, and thus if you are plagued with frustration and troubles, then no amount of effort which you have invested in skincare will reveal the natural radiance from your skin.

Let the pure Incense of plants be the natural healing power
The process of converting pure incense of plants into herbal doctors, allowing the healing power of plants to assimilate into our skin care products, becoming ‘The Herbal Doctor, for Healing and Maintenance’ has been the subject of years of research in Perth’s Key. Our Research and Development (R&D) Team has been committed in the development of the ‘Healing power of skin care products’, the in-depth understanding in terms of skin differences between the East and West, and to manufacture a series of healing skin care products closer to the Oriental skin.

Natural, Organic, Environmental-protection, Pollution-Free

Skin care is awork of lifetime. Perth’s Key has carefully considered each skincare recipe, selecting from a variety of raw materials, paying close attention to the purity of these sources of raw materials, whether they are natural and pollution-free. Perth’s Key raw materials are not only natural and organic but they also adhere to ourprinciples on environmental-friendly packaging and pollution-free. We care for the skin as well as the Earth, respect and value the human body as well as the environment. By caring for every little detail, we strive to meet the needs of all skin types.

Get More Than You Think!
Perth’s Key has always and constantly been thinking of ways to allow our consumers to always get more than they have expected. Perth’s Key has been carefullytaking each step into consumers’ lives in order to enrich and improve their quality of life. No matter whether you have heard of Perth’s Key, we have thoughtfully envisioned all your needs.
Welcome to Perth’s Key, to attain a more beautiful life.

Let Beauty and Happiness begin from the small details in life
We would like to allow our long-term consumers and friends, to be able to smell the natural fragrance of plants while using our skin care goods, improving their mood every day because of Perth’s Key. Although to certain peoleskincare may take only a few minutes of their time every day, despite this, we will still enable our consumers to make use of the natural fragrance to heal their souls, allowing their beauty to emanate from inside out, emitting natural skin radiance.


All our skin care goods use safe and low temperature, and pure and natural ingredients for manufacturing in order to avoid water contamination, as well as to protect our environment.
Perth’s Key three beloved organic treasures: certified organic aloe extract, certified camellia oil and certified organic rosehip oil.
Aloe Vera: Effects of calming, soothing, moisturizing, relieving swelling and redness
Camellia: Effects of moisturizing, repairing, and skin rejuvenation
Rosehip: Effects of moisturizing, anti-oxidation, minimizing scars

A: All products minimize the use of complex ingredients to prevent and reduce allergies.
B: All commodities have never been tested on animals and stored at low temperature for quality maintenance.
C: All packages align with the international environmental regulations, which are stated on all our goods and products.
D: All products do not undergo complex packaging, in alignment with our environmental-friendly spirit.


When advocating bare-skin beauty
It is best to begin from basic skin maintenance
As long as the fundamentals of skin is well taken care of
Radiance can be emitted from completely bare skin

Start from the basic maintenance
Daily skin maintenance will make the skin more tender and shiny
Allowing the radiance to emit from inside out
Perth’s Key skincare presents the best state of your bare skin
Providing you with supple and elegant skin