Almond Sweet

[Carrier Oil] Almond Sweet




The sweet almond oil extracted from the edible nuts (sweet almonds) is rich in oleic acid, proteins and various vitamins. It is a type of plant oil excellent for skin moisturising. Being gentle and non-irritating, it gives skin a soft and tender touch, and is suitable for various skin types, adults and children.


Sweet almond oil is light yellow in colour and has a light and mild taste. It is a neutral, non-greasy base oil that can be mixed with other natural plant oils. In terms of its efficacy, it is a natural skin moisturiser due to its high skin-friendly properties, and is suitable for dry, sensitive skin types and also the delicate skin of infants.


With Essential Oil Usage:

Skin Care: Sweet Almond Oil + Rose, Sweet Orange, Geranium Oil

Relaxing massage: Sweet Almond Oil + Lavender, Jasmine, Sweet OrangeĀ  Oil

Hair Care: Sweet Orange + Lavender, Rosemary Oil



Base oil, also known as carrier oil, plays a very important role in aromatherapy. It can be used for massage or dilution of essential oils, serving as a good medium for absorption of other kinds of oil. They are mostly extracted from the fruit of plants or the germthrough the use of cold-press extraction. They are gentle, easily absorbed, and are also excellent for skin care use due to their diverse properties. These oils are indispensable at home during winter time due to the dry condition. Fine oil does not go through refining, bleaching, odor-remover, cyanide carburizing and other similar chemical processes. Once exposed to air,they are prone to oxidation and emit a pungent smell but which will not affect its efficacy on skin care.


Suggested use:

A: Cleansing oil for make-up remover- Use the oil to massage the face. After make-up has dissolved, use a clean tissue paper to wipe away excess oil from the face, and then use facial cleansers to thoroughly wash the face.
b: Body oil- When the weather is cool and dry, or when one has chronic dry skin, can directly apply the oil on the face till completely absorbed, or it could also be added to emulsion and cream and mix thoroughly which will enhance the moisture level of the oil. When having vacation in Europe or the continental climate countries where it is cold and dry, these oils should be by your side for instant moisturizing purposes.
c: When children and babies at home have faces as red as apples, rub some of these oils on the cheeks.
d: Foot skin care. Before going to bed, apply it on the heel and sole of feet and followed by any type of foot whitening cream, making smooth and beautiful feet easily achieved.
e: Combination of oils and usage depending on individual skin conditions, e.g 10ml of carrier oil with 5 drops of essential oil.

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