Eucalyptus Australiana

Eucalyptus Australiana




Eucalyptus oil is considered to be an extremely important oil in Australia. Eucalyptus is also known as “The Lonely Tree” due to its unique fragrance that is very different from that of other plants. For this reason, eucalyptus cannot coexist with other plant varieties, and even mosquitoes avoid it due to its strong smell. Eucalyptus is known to be the only food source of the Koalas, and because of this the Koalas are highly germ-free. If you get to visit Australia, the koalas will allow you to hug them, because they are almost completely germ-free. Due to its strong antibacterial property, eucalyptus has a rather pungent smell such that when we apply it in our home, it can effectively repel mosquitoes. It can also purify the air, eliminate allergens, relieve the problem of rhinitis present in babies, enabling them to breathe normally and alleviate the problem of repeated sneezing usually occurring in the mornings.

Recommended Use:

a: Aromatherapy – In the diffuse, add 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Let the aroma dissipate throughout the environment, serving as an insect repellent and a mood arousal.
b: Spray – With 50ml of water, add 30 drops of essential oil. Shake well, and spray it into the gaps of air conditioners for sterilization. When outdoors, spray directly on the skin surface to repel mosquitoes.
c: Bath – Add the essential oil into shampoo or shower gel, each of about 50ml of washing foam and 10 drops of essential oil, it can effectively reduce dandruff and oil secretion, allowing the scalp after wash to feel clean, fresh and healthy.
d: Massage – Add 10 drops of essential oil to 20ml of lubricating oil to make a new massage oil formulation, and massage it onto areas of sore muscles, causing efficient reliefs of muscle tension and pains.

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