Rosemary CT Verbenone

Rosemary CT Verbenone




Lavender, the King of Herbs, in aromatherapy is said to play an important role, and has too wide a range of applications. It is readily available any time when you need it, and also convenient to be carried around. The smell of Lavender is puts you in a happy, pleasurable and relaxed mood, at the same time naturally improving sleep. Besides having an appealing smell to many people, the smell of Lavender is able to repel mosquitoes. Thus, there are still a lot of people who are using it in aromatherapy to drive the despicable insects away.

Recommended Use:
a: Diffuser – As an instrument for diffusing aroma, add 10-15 drops of aromatherapy essential oil, for the entire family to enjoy the relaxing and stress-relieving atmosphere, at the same time performing the roles of air-cleaning and mosquito-repelling.
b: Aromatherapy – Using a cotton of about 5cm in diameter, and add about 5 drops of essential oils. After allowing the cotton to absorb the lavender essential oils, place it in the closet to freshen clothes and repel insects.
c: Aid in Sleep – When experiencing insomnia at night, add about 2-3 drops of essential oil onto the pillow and allow its aroma to lure you to peaceful sleep. Alternatively, add some basic lubricating oils to turn it into massaging oil, and rub it on the chest, back, or the soles especially at the TCM pressure point (Yong QuanXue), which can greatly aid in sleep too.
d: Bathing – For instant stress relieving and panic alleviating effects, you can use aromatherapy through taking a bath; add about 8-10 drops of lavender in the bath tank, let the therapeutic bath to relax your tensed emotions and stress. Furthermore, if you also want your skin to be soft, add some drops of lavender essential oils onto few milk balls, allow them to mix thoroughly and then pour them into the bath tank, and now it would become a soothing milk bath.

e: Massage – Kids at home love running around, but sometimes they fall and are covered with wounds or injuries. Add drops of lavender oil directly onto the wounds, massage until most of them are absorbed into the affected area, this can effectively reduce swelling and inflammation, at the same time avoid leaving behind any scars or marks.
f: General applying – When mothers get burns or scalding from cooking, add directly a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the wounds, it can significantly suppress pains, and reduce swelling in an unbelievably short time. Many have tried this method and highly recommend it.

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