Speaking of Tea tree, we must not forget that it is, as of today, the only recognized oil in the field of pharmacopoeia. Besides, tea tree oil is very gentle, safe to use, and can be directly applied on the skin. In modern medicine, there have also been constant proven results of tea tree’s high antiseptic effects. Tea Tree is mainly produced in Australia. Australia can be said to harvest the best grade of tea tree, and the price is also relatively affordable among all essential oils. It is also commonly used in skin care products now in curing oily and acne skins. Due to its rather amazing antiseptic and oil-suppressing ability, tea tree was used as a medication for injury and trauma during the World War II.

Recommended Use:

a: Mopping – Each time when you are mopping the floor, add about 10 drops of tea tree oils into the water bucket. In addition to antiseptic effect, allow the fragrance of tea tree to diffuse throughout the house.
b: Laundry – Each time you are almost finished washing the laundry, add approximately 10 drops of tea tree oil into the laundry tub. In addition to eradicating any remaining bacteria in the clothes, it can also disinfect and deodorize the laundry tub, making it smell fresh and clean.
c: Foot Bath – If Athlete’s foot is a problem, using tea tree oils for foot bath can be adopted. Add about 10 drops of tea tree essential oils into the wash basin, soak the foot in the bath for 10 minutes, it can remove the tough mold. Afterwards, add a drop of essential oil onto the affected toes, to keep the feet completely clean and fresh.
d: Bath – Using about 50ml of bath foam, add 10 drops of essential oils either for hand washing or for direct body wash, it can completely remove body dirt.
e: Spray – In the year when the Sars virus was epidemic, Tea tree was widely used. Using approximately 50ml of water, add 25ml of Tea tree essentials oil and 25ml of alcohol, to make a Tea-tree sterilization spray. Use it to spray it anywhere in the house where it is needed for sterilization.

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